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Algorithm for telling the truth secretly, 2018

Bharti Kher
Bindis on painted wood panel, frame
7 cm x 160.7 cm


One of the materials favoured by Bharti Kher, a London-born artist working in New Delhi, is the bindi.

This coloured mark which symbolizes the third spiritual eye in Hindu culture, is placed at the centre of women’s forehead, the centre of wisdom and conscience. She uses it like a pigment, reveals it on solid wood backdrops, and, as she reappropriates it, renders it universal, turns it into a metaphor. Here’s the eye into orbit, watching us as much as we are observing it, a secret centrifugal force. Round bindis like ovum, oblong like sperm, this composition also evokes a possible fecundation. The mystery of life.


In this work, the artist born in London in 1969 who lives and works in New Delhi, uses bindis, the traditional colour marks placed on the forehead of Hindu women, the centre of wisdom and conscience, symbolizing the spiritual eye.

With her, they become pure pictorial material and this repurposing endows them with a new significance. She chose them for their rounded and oblong shapes, similar to those at the origin of life. This composition hence secretly conveys a universal truth which concerns every one of us.

Exhibition La Lumière des Mondes (The Light of the worlds)
From 23rd May to 15th Decembre 2019
Under the creative guidance of Garance Primat
Curators: Hervé Mikaeloff et Ingrid Pux