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Chamber 3, 2016

Anish Kapoor
Marble, gold leaf
95 x 61 x 58 cm


A clepsydra of pure light. The precious setting of a solar eruption. Anish Kapoor reveals a unique radiance in the quietude of marble.

He is gifted with a cosmic intuition of materials. Turning emptiness into fulfilment. An accomplishment is attained in the encounter of forms, between the lines and the circularity, between the grey and the gold. A transformation. The alabaster alcove comes to life, the gold leaf makes the stone quiver. Each offers the other its dense and flowing power. They blend into one. At the back of the marble, the design of the future shape in a sharp stroke conjures up the artist’s intention, like the formula of the alchemist seized by a revelation


Born in 1954 in Bombay, India, this British artist has been producing a striking sculptural work for around forty years.

He interacts with each material, committed to its inherent quality, but also to its sheath as it encounters another force: whether another material, the body of the spectator or the surrounding air. Each piece then offers a sense of immanence and imminence. Here, the combination of marble and gold leaf produces a unique alchemy, as if the material had been altered. Like the beginning of life.

Exhibition La Lumière des Mondes (The Light of the worlds)
From 23rd May to 15th Decembre 2019
Under the creative guidance of Garance Primat
Curators: Hervé Mikaeloff et Ingrid Pux.