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Créations Dragonfly

The Art of craftsmanship

"Créations Dragonfly is committed to respecting the cycles of Nature, the time required for the hand of the artisan to create shapes and textures from materials.
We produce limited editions that may not be on display since the fire, the water
or the rain that put the finishing touches to these objects may not have accomplished their work yet."

Garance Primat & Stéphane Parmentier

With Créations Dragonfly we aspired to turn into objects the emotions, the sensitivity and the balance that are the founding principles of the Domaine des Etangs.

We wished to share all that the Charente and the neighbouring regions brought us. Revealing the soul of their history and the richness of their heritage. Sharing this Art of Life which radiates in the soft movement of a tree in the wind, in the light arabesque of a dragonfly on the ponds’ mirrored surface, in the expert gestures of the craftsmen who built the castle and its outbuildings. Revealing the strength, the beauty and the wisdom of Nature as it gently guides us down the path that connects Art, Artists, and Artisans.

Each of the objects included in our collection results from a tradition carefully nurtured by the craftsmen we handpicked for their passion and talent.

For weeks on end, we set out to meet them in their workshops and we were lucky to witness the surprising chemistry born of the union of their hands and their materials.
We discovered dreams, images, possibilities in each of the artisans we selected. Sometimes, we chose their creations without adding anything; often we relied on their mastered techniques to create unique objects, always in awe of their know-how, their patience and the utmost care which they instill in each of their gestures.

Leather and porcelain, ceramic and wood, stone and gold, glass and stained-glass mix and mingle here, forming a single family of objects: all have in common authenticity, the intelligence of crafts, respect for Nature and its cycles and the balance between the exceptional and the affordable.