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Cyprien Chabert


"The tree is the original image, the one that makes it possible to touch all cultures, a unifying, universal symbol.”

Cyprien Chabert

Cyprien Chabert (born 1976) is a French artist of Ivorian and Auvergnat descent. Chabert has embraced his two cultures and has expressed his personal background in the representation of trees. He uses them as a metaphor for the original and universal man: the sap being the blood; roots being the legs; and bark, the skin.

The plant is therefore at the heart of the work of this artist, who uses drawing, fresco or sculpture to create his wondrous gardens.

Graduate from the Beaux-Arts in Paris, he studied classical techniques including sculpture and engraving.
Chabert worked as an assistant at an engraving workshop for several months and quickly went from working on a very small engraving scale to creating monumental frescos. In the manner of sculpture – which Cyprien Chabert is also fond of – frescoes are a means of establishing a physical relationship with space, architecture, and society.

For the past fifteen years, the artist has displayed his frescoes on walls, integrating harmoniously the constraints of space and the projects of his collectors, creating unique in situ works. The artist – beginning with charcoal and continuing with ink pen – focuses on his trees and foliage proliferating on to the walls and inhabiting the spaces in a monumental fragility.