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Ground, 2006

Antony Gormley
Cast iron
Varying dimensions


Heaps, piles in a hypnotic ochre-coloured geometric layout. What exactly are these volumes on the ground?

The pieces of a sole and single ensemble: a body. The body of a man. The body of the idea of a man. 1,295 kilos of cast iron that nonetheless evoke a feathery flakiness. Like atoms. Of matter. Antony Gormley’s art is deeply existential. He endeavours to understand the place of man’s body in the surrounding space. Endlessly repeating these gestures: combinations of lines and blocks, all suggestive of human architecture.


This artist born in 1950 in London decided to place man’s body as the focus of his work as a sculptor, following a trip to India in 1970 during which he discovered meditation.

To better comprehend its relationship to space, the awareness of the world it embraces, he envisions it like an architecture, in its relationship to mass, density and balance. A layout of material, like here, with these volumes on the ground that represent the idea of a man knocked down, dismembered. He defines an art of the presence, exposing the human condition to its deepest state of being.

Exhibition La Lumière des Mondes (The Light of the worlds)
From 23rd May to 15th Decembre 2019
Under the creative guidance of Garance Primat
Curators: Hervé Mikaeloff et Ingrid Pux.