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Horizontal Lines, 2005

Sol Lewitt
Gouache on paper
152,4 x 196 cm


An interior sky, hypnotic and solar. The milky-soft ripples are an invitation to dive in. There is play and depth between the smooth lines, visible, optical and rhythmic pleasure.

A full adventure for this artist, a pioneer of conceptual art, for whom geometric figures and their meticulous layout prevail. This gouache, driven by pictorial freedom like many of Sol LeWitt’s works on paper, gave a new lease of life to his practice until he passed away in 2007.


He studied art in New York in the early 50s, did a stint as a graphic designer at the IM Pei architecture office in 1955, where he was hit by the importance of drawings.

In the early 60 s, Sol LeWitt stood at the vanguard of minimal art. He has pondered over the idea of series, of combinations of abstract shapes, of basic structures. In little time, he established the outlines of conceptual art, whose principles he formalized as
early as 1967 in founding texts. Taking a step away from materials, from technique, he prioritizes the idea, its integrity and its planning over its execution. His first pieces, the Structures, are three-dimensional variations of open cubes repeated over and over again, produced after diagrams. In 1968, aged 40, he created Wall Drawing 1. He would go on to produce 1,200 of them. The systematic exploration of geometric
elements that take shape and in space, they are produced by other hands, following the guidelines issued by the artist. Instructions and diagrams thus bring to life a blossoming landscape of lines and curves.
Authenticated thanks to a certificate, they can be reproduced. Their miracle renewed. In the 80s, his approach evolved. As he had settled in Italy, his discovery of Italian Renaissance frescoes was a revelation.
They inspired his foray into wash drawing, a yearning for warmer hues, and led him to prefer lines that did not run straight over geometric rigour. He simultaneously devoted himself to works on paper, taking up technique once more, reconnecting with the desire to indulge something new, to achieve a chromatic, sensuous and physical over the surface of the paper.

Exhibition Poussières d’étoiles (Stardust)
From 24th May to 15th Decembre 2018
Under the creative guidance of Garance Primat
Curators: Hervé Mikaeloff et Ingrid Pux