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The pleased and the delighted, 2013

Ugo Rondinone
Pierre bleue, granit, Acier
165,2 x 76 x 45 cm


They watch over their surroundings, over the world and its mysteries. Comforting figures that seem to hail from a bygone era, to have fled Stonehenge.

Ugo Rondinone first imagined their presence in 2013, as, for the first time, he used stone,
an elementary material, to create his early standing figures. All ( they are numerous and of different dimensions ) have names inspired by human emotions. The kindly and primitive granite figures that connect all of us to our ancestral heritage, impassively contemplate the future of things.


He surrenders to time, to cycles and to natural phenomena, to unalterable forces in order to imagine the creation of works, somewhere between paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, pieces and poems.

By not limiting himself to either a medium or a pattern, in that respect he mimics the diversity of the living, of the celestial, striving each time to renew the
miracle of creation. Starting with founding elements, the simplest motifs, universal and understandable by all, he then isolates them and reviews the contract that binds them to Man. Starry night, sun, cloud, rainbow, tree, landscape, horse, fish, bird, day and night, fruit and flower, stone or earth, but also door, wall, lightbulb, shoe: all are seized by his imagination and, through contact with him, morph and occupy space and time in unexpected ways. He uses materials that will endow them with a new aura, christens them with names that will heighten their presence further. He hands the world a poetic mirror that renders other movements possible. Having trained at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 1990, his primary gesture was undertaken in communion with nature. He then began a series of landscape paintings. Devoid of any figure or human construction, these timeless wooded spaces captured with ink on paper seem to symbolize the passage of time. His desire to remove himself from any judgement, to favour contemplation and the production of invariably repeated forms absorbed him immediately. With a twist: through the choice of colours, proportions, textures and techniques, he transforms the intuitive comprehension of a thing and designs a new sensorial and mental landscape.

Exhibition Poussières d’étoiles (Stardust)
From 24th May to 15th Decembre 2018
Under the creative guidance of Garance Primat
Curators: Hervé Mikaeloff et Ingrid Pux