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Tribe/s of the world

An installation by Anne de Vandière


"To you, the earth’s sentinels connected to your roots, in the heart of your hands, beats the future of the earth."

Anne de Vandière

Today, these tribes, ethnie groups, and communities represent 350 million persons on our planet. The greedy quest for natural resources is the greatest danger threatening them.


Showcasing a sculptural diptych comprising two containers, the installation offered a metaphor of confinement, mistreatment and uprooting. lt presents atypical portraits, using the black and white silver process, born from a reflection focusing on the hand, earliest tool and first communication tool in the world.

The black container shelters 65 triptychs where, in images and in words, these women and these men at the end of the world, encountered by the photographer during her seven years of travelling, are finally able to express themselves though speech and gestures.
The white container features backlit photographs in burst formats, combining the lite ambiances of these very different people, but all united and connected by their deep respect for the vegetal world, for Pachamama (Mother Earth). These «coffered sensations», as Anne de Vandière names them, are linked by a corridor of lite, a kind of «umbilical cord», where the testimonies of these «Sentinels of the Earth» are displayed through videos.

Facing this installation, the Nomad Notebooks, travel companions of Anne de Vandière, tell the story, in the form of imprints, texts and sketches, jewellery and plants, of her encounters with the various tribes, testimonies of possible contacts between two civilizations that are moving apart, but yet meet up other around the creative hand.

Garance Primat wished to share the communal values of respect and transmission of this nomadic sanctuary, whose first stop was the Musée de l’Homme in Paris, at its second stop, Domaine des Etangs.

L’installation immerge le spectateur invité à y pénétrer, dans un environnement apaisé et serein, soutenu par un design sonore réalisé par Inès Mélia et Jonathan Saguez, constitué de chants initiatiques, d’ambiances de villages et d’échos de la nature enregistrés in situ.

The installation immerses the invited spectator in a peaceful and serene environment, supported by sounds designed by Inès Mélia and Jonathan Saguez, consisting of initiation chants, village ambiances and echoes of nature recorded in situ.
An «Alert» is launched when faced by the forced uprooting of these people, going against the grain of their nomadism and their customs, the systematic plundering of their patrimony and their natural resources that cou Id progressively lead to their extinction.
But this work is foremost a testimony to the incredible vitality of these tribes, beholders of an amazing know-how and bearing a cultural diversity essential to the upholding of vital balance and wealth to humanity.