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Our everlasting quest for the essential

Water, Air, Earth, Fire, and Ether

Ancient philosophers believed in five elements: earth, water, air, and fire, as well as “quintessence”, the Ether.

A primordial ether which was thought to bind everything together and give it life. Those versed in the language of birds, the language of alchemists, have suggested that this quintessence is what represents the soul of things, as part of the “âme à tiers”, or “Soul of thirds”.
For our Art of Life, before being a definition, it is above all, a state of mind; one fostered by a family keen to express and share its vision and its values.

Each property reflects a core belief that there is no need to reinvent the wheel or to create something new. Instead, the goal is to seek inspiration from and to rediscover the innate richness of the surrounding region, land, Nature and history, and to express it in all its forms.

This gives rise to a constant quest for that quintessence, everywhere and in everything: architecture, woodland, gardens, craftsmanship, fine food, vegetable plot, reception, treatments and decor. An invitation to explore beauty in all its guises, to learn or remind oneself how to marvel at even the smallest of things — and, every now and then, by way of a smile, to rediscover one’s childhood soul.

In Charente, the experience is lived at Domaine des Etangs, our home roots, huge, vast and open to the sublime nature that surrounds it.
The stone walls, timber work and splendid roofs are but a part of the vast countryside in which the property nestles (the grounds of Domaine des Etangs span nearly 1,000 hectares). Enjoy a stroll. Find out about animal husbandry. Spend the day fishing, hiking, boating or exploring the kitchen garden.
There is often more to discover in the Holloways of the estate than between the four walls of its spacious rooms.
This invitation to discover the Nature is its true essence.

“To see a world in a grain of sand. And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand. And eternity in an hour.“

William Blake