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Embroidery – The First Golden Clover



3000 €

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Embroidery – The First Golden Clover

La Presqu'ilienne
By  Oréliane Dallet


Limited edition

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3000 €

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The Artist

Oréliane Dallet - La Presqu'ilienne

I was my Grandmother’s darling grandchild. Paying close attention to needlework. She who never tired of those stories from the past which are told as the sun is waning, she whose gazed was turned towards the moon. I was the one who, barefoot, escaped in books, letting time fly by, hair in the wind, perched in an imaginary tree. And who made one wonder what went on in my mind.

I have always been drawn to the divine, those invisible things, the very fine border...The gold thread is born from a desire to provide release for my excessive sensitivity.
From those secret things that are passed on from mother to daughter, from generation to generation...And which we now weave together, thousands of hands, thousands of lives which this gold thread brings together.

Time passes by, moons follow one another. Here I find myself today, laying down in front of me those sacred objects which come alive for you. It is the gaze we lay upon them that makes them precious. The sacred is everywhere for those who want to believe in it. Breathe life into these delicate things. All it takes is a gaze to bring them to life and for them pledge their loyalty to you.

The artwork

The First Golden Clover

The Golden Clover is made from a clover from the Hanging Garden.
Each clover is first carefully pressed for 2 to 3 weeks
I then design the fourth leaf of the handpicked clover. By hand, with a fine needle and 24k Gold thread, I embroider the final leaf, the Fourth one.
The one that comes to mean that, in life, you become what you want, not what "you can"...

Be who you are... Even a 3-leaf clover deserves to be precious... "Be the 4th "

Care instructions

The colour of your clover may evolve over time

If you wish to maintain it unspoilt for as long as possible, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and other light sources.