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The “In leaps and bounds” Bracelet



3000 €

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The “In leaps and bounds” Bracelet

By Irina Rasquinet


Limited edition

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3000 €

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The "In leaps and bounds" Bracelet

In her "Bijoux-Sculpture", the artist Irina Rasquinet conveys her encounters with Garance Primat in the wonderful world of fairy-tales, to the enchanting backdrop of the Domaine des Etangs.
Each bracelet a marvel of enchantment tells a story involving a character, which starts with a tangy word used mischievously, to touch the heart of one’s inner child. Her ornate and witty creations, born from this encounter, invite us to rekindle our childhood.
Miniature works of Art, which a woman may wear or enjoy as a gift, their crystals will brighten up the day with their sparkling magic.

The Artist

Irina Rasquinet

“Too much is never enough”
The artist Irina Rasquinet’s creations, “Bijoux-Sculpture”, are unique pieces of Art and Fashion, inspired by everyday objects turned jewellery.
Original and spectacular, they rekindle a rebellious and mischievous childhood, full of life, that never forgets the power of its imaginary or its many memories.
Each creation recounts a tale that took place at the Domaine. Each bracelet tells the story of childhood landscapes seen through innocent eyes and is a conversation piece.
They are a declaration of freedom in the face of the world, of gentle breeziness and escape. The very essence of the Domaine of des Enfants, the kingdom of children.