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The Charentaise – Wooly Platinum Velour leather – Children



3000 €

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The Charentaise – Wooly Platinum Velour leather – Children




3000 €

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TCHA - La Charentaise

Charentaise slippers, an exceptional product made in France since the 17th century.

Born in the French Charente department from the recycling of the felt used to dry paper in the local paper mills, the style of this indoor shoe has evolved over time.

Today, La Charentaise TCHA develops collections inspired by contemporary cocooning and has redesigned the Charentaise slippers to turn them into a fashion accessory that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

The TCHA collection is designed with noble, simple and natural materials such as wool pressed felt, linen, full-grain smooth leather and velour leather. The removable insole, called “douillette”, has been redesigned by specialists to enable its care and replacement. It refines the much sought-after comfort of the Charentaise slippers and gives them “cloud-nine” cosiness.

The stitch-and-return technique has been preserved; the gesture having remained the same for more than a century.

The lines are clean and contemporary. Traditional know-how meets design. La Charentaise TCHA was awarded a star by L’Observeur du Design 2016, citing it as one of the objects of the year.

Developing a new 100% French-made production in the Charente department helps maintain the quality of this exceptional product and demonstrates our desire to promote French crafts.

After, having graduated from the fine arts school in Angoulême and after a career in creation, marketing and communications, Jean-Luc Bouriau wished to set up his own company. He didn’t hesitate for a moment when, in 2011, the opportunity to relaunch the Charentaise slippers presented itself.

Jean-Luc Bouriau decided to defend the product while preserving the Charente-based know-how of “stitch-and-return”, founded SARL La Nouvelle Charentaise and created the collection TCHA.

The object

The Charentaise slippers - Wooly Platinum Velour leather

Upper in velour leather, lined in pure wool, for genuine comfort and sustainability
Backstay of heel in smooth full-grain leather for a touch of elegance
“Douillette” insole in elephant-coloured velour leather on coal latex foam
1cm shock-absorbing heel inserts for enhanced comfort
White non-slip sole in wool, cotton and rubber
TCHA Genuine Charentaise slippers
Made in France 100% handmade in the French Charente department

Care Instructions

The leather Charentaise is undeniably unique! Delicate to the touch, its elasticity and resistance give it a great longevity. Its authentic patina will reveal itself over time. For our slippers, only "full grain" leathers are used in their thickness and natural appearance.
Nappa calf leather and suede leather are luxury products, their strong identities combining a silky touch with an intense colour make them exceptional materials.

Waterproof velour leathers regularly and apply a stain-proof wax to nappa leathers.
In case of scratches or rain, rub lightly with a soft cloth. Leave to dry.