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La Tasse Athéna Bleue



3000 €


La Tasse Athéna Bleue

Par Laura Philippon
Pour Ceramics By Laura



3000 €

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The Collection

The Athéna Collection

The Athéna collection is a set consisting of a teapot with a filter, three models of pitchers and three models of cups. Handles adorn the cups and pitchers, suited to the function of the objects and specific to each of them. The handles were designed to be both functional and ornamental. Each piece in this collection is hand-turned in white stoneware, decorated with one or more handles, then glazed in charcoal black or intense mat blue glaze. The clean, geometric shapes and the black or blue monochrome give the pieces in this collection a feminine, understated and minimalistic look.
Each model is produced in small batches and each piece is made individually. As a result, there can be slight variations in the shape, dimensions and density of the glaze, which makes each piece unique.

The ceramist

Laura Philippon

A young ceramicist with degrees in graphic design and handmade ceramics, Laura has been developing objects that are half utilitarian and half works of art in her workshop in Perreux, in the French Loire region.
Each collection is the result of research and consideration of the object and its function. Laura establishes a visual language in each range, a system that enables her to create minimalistic objects. In her designs, she transforms handles into graphic, ornamental and functional elements.
She crafts her own glazes. Her colour palette includes mainly blue, black, grey and white, hues she uses as monochromes.
From small batches to one-offs, each piece is hand-turned in stoneware and fired at high temperature (1280°).
Laura feeds her inspiration with regular visits to archaeological museums and the study of books on traditional ceramics. She enjoys appropriating the ancestral and traditional forms of pottery in order to offer a contemporary and geometric vision, marked by the aesthetics of the Bauhaus school.